Under threat from mom

or in hopes of a bribe, I haven’t decided yet. Maybe I should title this one I just don’t call home enough.

Wow, just checked and it has been 5 months since I said anything here. A lot has happened in the intervening time, maybe I should let everyone catch up (both people who read this and I include myself in that number). Anyway, I moved (1,056 miles according to Google maps) about six weeks ago. Since then my time has been spent looking for work. What a depressing thing that is. It seems that I am overqualified for entry level work unless it happens to be what I want to do, in which case I am underqualified.

Other than that, I spend a lot of time reading blogs about politics and general stupidity. I fail to see the difference between the two. There have been so many things said in done on both sides of the aisle that aggravate me to the point that I think “I should write about that” right up to the point that I realize that other people have already said what I think or feel or see or whatever. I have also been spending time reading about religion and philosophy. Okay only one philosopher because I already had his book and incase you have forgotten I don’t have a job so I’m trying to keep expenses down (I have developed this nasty habit of wanting to eat everyday though so I do spend some money).

Not too much else to say at the moment. We had zombie fest today to celebrate the release of Dead Rising. There is something else that I want to write about but it will have to wait. I just finished reading a collection of essays by Bertrand Russell and there is one essay that I think is highly relevant to things as they stand today. The essay, titled “Freedom and the Colleges”, was written in 1940 after he was denied a teaching position by the courts in New York. Before I write more about it I want to see if I can find an on-line text and I want to reread it so hopefully it won’t be that long.

Well mom, I hope this holds you until the next time that I find both the time and inclination to write and I promise to call more often.