That dark and scary place (pt I)

One of my problems with writing here has been deciding what I should write about next. There are many things in the world that I try to spend at least a little time trying to figure out each day, unfortunately they seem to change each day, if not more often. Lately I have been thinking about three things: religion, stupidity, and fear.

I don’t trust religion. Not a single one of them. There is something about being told that I have to accept what they are teaching as law that just goes against the grain of my being. I have worked long and hard at developing my own spiritual beliefs (aha, notice the distinction). These beliefs are mine, and mine alone, I don’t share them (at least not in depth) with anyone. I find it funny that most religions want you to question their tenets, but it almost always comes down to accept what I say on faith because I can’t prove a damn thing that I want you to believe. I should draw a distinction here, my distrust if for the religion itself and not necessarily for those that adhere to it. I have no problem with them as long as they are willing to let me believe what I want.

A person is stupid, people are Stupid. You get more than two or three people together into one place and one of them will do something stupid. The problem comes from the fact that you don’t get a simple progression of stupidity (one person = x amount of stupidity, 2 people = 2x amount…), no, it is a combination of simple progression and a logarithmic progression. Just look at the riots taking place in the Middle East and Africa right now if you don’t believe me. As times move, these riots get more and more violent and less and less focused on the original cause which to me defines Stupidity.

Fear, I don’t like it, as a matter of fact I am afraid of fear (hows that for circular logic). And no, I won’t tell you what I am afraid of. Fear sneaks into my life at the most unexpected times, and in the most unexpected manner. I will have no idea that I am afraid of something and then there it is, eating away at the calm that I pursue so vehemently. And it doesn’t serve any real purpose, it’s not like I’m being chased by an angry bull (which has happened – I think – I ran away without really checking), these are those esoteric, obstreperous fears that have no basis in reality.

So, there you are, another brief (and intentionally vague) glimpse into my psyche. Next time…?