On blogging for blogs sake

I am somewhat amazed by people that blog everyday. Well, maybe amazed is the wrong word. More like dumbfounded. I just can’t seem to bring myself to do this every day (or even every week it would seem). Anyway, here are some of the things that I have thought about over the past two weeks or so.

A few thoughts on getting lost.

I think that everyone should get lost every now and then. I have started walking every day and the route just keeps getting longer and longer. It keeps getting longer because I keep getting lost, taking a right instead of a left (when I know that the left will take me in the direction that I want to go) or turning when I should go straight or going straight when I know that I should turn. The thing is that I love to know where I am, the easiest way that I know to figure out where I am is to get lost, then find my way back to someplace familiar. Along the way, you find and learn new things, which is always good. This works not just for physical location, it also works with just about everything else.

A few new movies.

I saw a preview for a movie the other day. “Jesus Camp” and clip 2 and clip 3 is about camp (go figure) for the children of evangelicals. I have to admit that these people scare the hell out of me. Watching the trailer, I kept thinking that it was more like some kind of cult orientation than teaching kids about being christian. It seems that they are teaching these kids more about being soldiers, more about how “right” they are and how “wrong” everyone else is. I don’t want to say too much else before I get a chance to see the movie, so I will leave with what I have already said.

Along those same lines there is another movie (both of these were posted on Religious Freaks. Camp Out seems to be the polar opposite of the above mentioned movie. This is a movie about a camp for GLBT christian teens that comes across as teaching these kids that there is room for everyone in the christian faith. Again, I will wait to say more after I have had a chance to actually see the movie.

A thought on intellectual superiority (or the misguided belief in)

I read a post from someone that I am familiar with (I don’t really know this person, he/she is just someone that I read every now and then). I have tried to give him/her (from here on out I will use only one pronoun, please don’t make any inferences based on that) the benefit of the doubt as being a decent person, I just can’t seem to do it. By the title you may get the feeling that I believe that he is not that intelligent (only believes that he is), this is not the case, I do believe that he is intelligent. My problem with this person is his belief (or so it seems to me) that he is smarter than everyone else. Maybe he does have an incredible ability to retain most if not all of what he sees, hears and reads. He just strikes me as more of a pseudo-intellectual, where he learns a few big words, a few obscure facts about any topic that doesn’t conform to his belief system and a few quotes from famous (or not so famous) philosophers and throws them out without truly understanding the full meaning or context. In other words, if I quote some fact out of context, but you have no idea what I am talking about, then I come off as the smarter person because you don’t know that I have no idea what I am talking about. I have no respect for people that do this sort of thing, it serves no purpose to enhancing your own knowledge or the knowledge of others. The other thing that I have noticed about this person is his joy in attacking other people in public forums when he is perfectly capable of airing his grievances in person. Each attack is presented in a manner to make the other person feel as stupid as possible and ends with a vague threat of physical violence. Cowardice is all that I can think when I see that. Some may note the hypocrisy of this post. I attack someone in a public forum for attacking people in a public forum. First, no one reads this blog so I dispute that it is really public. Second, I use him only as an example, my main goal is the tactic that he uses. And finally, yes, I am a hypocrite and I know it.

As far as the title is concerned, I want to add that I know that no matter how smart you are, there will always be someone that knows more about something than you do. No matter who you are talking too, always keep that in mind.

Okay, there you go. A glimpse into my little spot on the world. Once again, I have avoided the major issues of the day. Maybe I’ll talk about some of those next time.