July 2014 Picture Dump

20140725-1_Lordo-05 Lordo @ Black Cat, July 2015

July, 2014

Not shown: DIIV, Battleme



20110812-2_oliviamancini-2 20120721-1_thebeanstalklibrary-09 20121124-1_soulfulaggression-1 20130623-1_jacuzziboys-01 20130921-2_thebunnyhop-01 20131102-2_blacklips-03 dsc_4927 dsc_5121 SCR_3296-4
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  1. Connie Reese
    12 August, 2015

    Sean, if I owned a gallery, I’d exhibit your work. You need to meet the right people. Or maybe work out something with the Black Cat to show your work. It would be good advertising for them too.

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